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University of Delaware Champions

University of Delaware Champions is an initiative of UD’s Office of Government Relations. We will be a resource to provide facts, details, positions/messages related to our issues and opportunities – alike, to help our “Champions” communicate the importance of supporting the University and higher education in the State of Delaware to decision-makers and community leaders.

We believe there can be a positive impact if you join the conversation to support UD and Higher Education in Delaware.

Be a champion for Higher Ed.  Become a UD Champion today. Join now.

  • Learn about issues and opportunities of importance to UD
  • Raise awareness of facts related to UD’s impact and presence in Delaware
  • Invite participation from other University Stakeholders (alumni, employees, neighbors)
  • Communicate your support of Higher Ed in Delaware to decision-makers

The primary role of Governmental Affairs is to advocate on behalf of the University of Delaware by building and promoting positive relationships with state, and local policymakers and stakeholders to ensure legislative policy initiatives reflect the needs of the University community our… our students, our faculty, staff and employees and our neighbors. (Legislative and funding priorities are coordinated through the Office of the President.)

As the external liaison for one of the top research universities in the world, Government Relations is committed to connecting UD’s world-class expertise to policymakers at all levels of government, aiding in their awareness of UD’s role to provide high quality and low college education to qualified Delaware residents, our role to support the state’s economic vitality and engaging in the Delaware community to improve quality of life for all Delawareans. For detailed information about UD’s presence throughout the state, visit please UD in Delaware Map.